Why we live?

We live just to pass our genes to the next generation for the survival of the species in terms of nature but if anyone want their life to mean something try making someone else life meaningful and learn to live and love life”.


science is wonderful and whenever it discovers new thing it gives humanity a hope of where we come from and what’s our future.so stay curious with our site and feel the science and rationality behind each and every new topic.


Feel the real awe and wonder from science,history and nature.

Latest from the Blog

The story of my life

We all die one day when we accept that we don’t care about anything but most of the people around us doesn’t wanna die because all of them got their desires to continue in this world. when we think about desires it will not be enough when we get what we wanted because once weContinue reading “The story of my life”

Where does life comes from?

It’s a very intriguing question that got the attention of the scientific community for centuries. There are recent theories like meteors might have brought life from elsewhere because we can see water and other organic compounds in meteor, but at the same time, chemical processes can be spontaneous when a right molecule fits then itContinue reading “Where does life comes from?”

Impractical religious dogmas of 21st century-part 2

DISCLAIMER: This blog about impractical religious dogmas-part -2 on a specific religion. If people on that particular religion didn’t wish to know , then can leave or they want to learn and have questions then comment,all your questions will be answered. Religious people just assume god created everything and assume he is immune to regression.Continue reading “Impractical religious dogmas of 21st century-part 2”

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About Us

We are science and history guys ,the only reason this site is created to develop ideas and to correct mistakes that are committed by irrational peoples in the past and questions those irrationality to provide answers and to make sure we can achieve an egalitarian society from our generation.

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